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Most mobile food trucks tend to start small and hope to someday graduate to a brick & mortar retail location… Not us.

Cloud Coffee Co started as a small retail B&M establishment on the west side of Houston in 2011, which started migrating to coffee trucks in 2014. While it is certainly an unorthodox move, we believe the cost of a cup should be based more upon what’s in your cup and less on our rent.

Our goal is to convert non-believers to coffee snobs with a single cup. We invite you to experience coffee crafted by hand and dialed into perfection. There is a narrow window in which the magic happens in a proper pour, and trusting automatic machines and foreign roasted beans to find the money-spot is begging for mediocrity.

That’s why at Cloud Coffee Co, each and every perfect bean is sourced independently and roasted locally to ensure the subtle undertones and tasty notes aren’t lost in transport. Our baristas strive to make each shot pulled, each dollop of microfoam topped on every macchiato, and each customer get the same experience from coffee that we get… It isn’t just a taste, it’s an emotion.

Our highly trained members are here to ensure you get just that.

Our Trucks

In formulating and planning these builds we first started by surveying the existing “food truck” market. What we found was most food trucks  started with either 15 year old delivery vehicles or (with proper funding) financed a new delivery vehicle.

We did not find either solution alluring. Both new trucks and 15 year old trucks lacked a certain aesthetic nuance that we felt accurately reflected our brand and ideology. This necessitated further research. As we were unwilling to settle for the existing solutions, we sought trucks that would both fit our architectural dimension requirements and our vision for what would be the face of our “storefront.” After weeks of research we came upon a class of trucks all their own… What we will coin “shorty step vans.” But, there was one problem…